Zoonini Web Services - ZooNews - Issue 66 - October 2011

Welcome to the October 2011 issue of ZooNews, from professional website design company Zoonini Web Services.

-- Tip for Tat --

As a business owner, transitioning to a new web designer is something you'll likely be faced with at some point. Making the switch can be painless or complicated, depending on how well you're prepared. Here are some tips to make the process smoother:

Domain registration – be sure you are listed as the domain registrant (not your web designer!) and that the email address on file is an active account. If your web designer's email is listed as a contact instead of yours, make sure you switch it over to your own email address before you cut ties with your old designer. This is extremely important. I've heard of business owners who lost control of their domain name because they failed to do it.

Hosting account – keep handy all relevant details, including the name of your hosting company, the URL of your web-based control panel, and its username and password. Know your FTP (file transfer protocol) credentials, including your FTP host name, login and password. This information will allow your new designer to access your web server and website files.

Logo – have an electronic version of your current logo on hand. It should ideally be in a vector format (like Adobe Illustrator or EPS) on a transparent background, to ensure the greatest design flexibility.

Graphics – retain electronic versions of any images such as stock photos that you may wish to reuse.

E-commerce – know the login details of all e-commerce accounts you may have, such as PayPal and shopping cart systems. Be sure you have access to the accounts, and that they're registered in your name.

Keep on file in an easy-to-remember place all other information and documents related to your website. It'll simplify your life – and that of your new web designer – more than you can imagine.

-- GeekSpeak --

I don't wanna be ur friend on FacebookOne of my favourite radio shows – yes, I still listen to conventional radio! – is CBC's Spark. Recently host Nora Young did a piece about "opting out" of specific forms of technology, and interviewed postdoc researcher Alice Marwick, who used the term technology refusal to describe people who choose not to have a cell phone, Facebook account, or some other common piece of technology. I'm fascinated by the fact that there's actually a term to describe the act of consciously opting out of certain technologies, like I did as a longtime Facebook resister (now lapsed). Read more about the phenomenon in Marwick's article "If you don't like it, don't use it. It's that simple." ORLY?

Got a technology term you'd like demystified in ZooNews? Send it to questions@zoonini.com.

-- Liftoff --

Anyone interested in learning about WordPress theme development may want to check out the recording of my talk from WordCamp Montreal this summer, which has been posted on WordPress.tv. The accompanying slides for Take Control of Your Templates With WordPress Conditionals can be found on Slideshare.

-- ZooBytes --

WordCamp TorontoMy colleague Shannon Smith and I will present A Beginner's Guide to WordPress at WordCamp Toronto on November 5 at George Brown College. The event runs the whole weekend and tickets are only $30. This year three concurrent streams will devote sessions to end users, designers and developers. Hope to see some of you there!

À la prochaine,

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