Zoonini Web Services - ZooNews - Issue 51 - February 2010

Greetings, readers! Welcome to the February 2010 issue of ZooNews, from professional Web site design company Zoonini Web Services.

-- Tip for Tat --

Ever try to sign up on a site like Flickr, Etsy or Twitter and discover that your preferred username is already taken? So instead of the short-and-sweet jillsmith you become jillsmith1975 or worse yet, jillembarassingmiddlenamesmith? Or on the corporate side, instead of easy-to-remember montrealyoga you end up with a login like yogastudioinacitycalledmontreal? Wouldn't it be efficient if you could check multiple sites at once for your preferred username, and then stake your claim wherever you can? There are in fact several free sites that let you do just that, from the utilitarian User Name Check, to the somewhat snazzier Namechk, or the behemoth KnowEm, which checks over 350 sites simultaneously. KnowEm goes one step further by also offering a paid service that will register your chosen username – or even set up a user profile – on your behalf, perfect for the time-strapped or the merely lazy.

-- GeekSpeak --

You've probably seen this a million times, but maybe you didn't know it had a name. Some sites display a breadcrumb trail that lets website visitors see how they navigated to the page they're currently on, or shows where the current page falls within the site hierarchy. Named after the Hansel and Gretel Brothers Grimm fairytale, where the children leave a trail of breadcrumbs in the woods to help them find their way back home, breadcrumb-trail navigation on the web can help visitors stay oriented, especially within a large site. Here are some examples of breadcrumb navigation:

breadcrumb navigation example breadcrumb navigation example breadcrumb navigation example

Intrigued by breadcrumb navigation? Here's an article full of examples and best practices.

Got a technology term you'd like demystified in ZooNews? Send it to questions@zoonini.com.

-- Liftoff --

Do More Great WorkDo More Great Work is our companion site for Michael Bungay Stanier's book devoted to helping people "stop the busywork and start the work that matters," which was published this week. Built entirely on the WordPress platform, the site encompasses a collection of free MP3 audio interviews with gurus including David Allen of Getting Things Done and marketing genius Seth Godin, who wrote the forward for Michael's book.

This is the site's second incarnation, the first having accompanied the original edition of the book, titled Find Your Great Work. Creating a second custom theme for WordPress, we were able to give the site a new look and feel, while keeping much of the content in the WordPress database the same. This resulted a quicker development time and lower project cost.

-- ZooBytes --

WordCamp Toronto's full schedule has been revealed. The conference will feature lots of blogging-for-business sessions that won't need a computer-science degree to understand. This is great news for those of you dipping your toes into WordPress and eager to learn more! My workshop on WordPress for Newbies, co-presented with Shannon Smith of Café Noir Design is slated for Saturday, March 27, at 1:35 pm. Looking forward to seeing some of you there.

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