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11.29.10 • Want to work with me? Here's how. The dos & don'ts of pitching yourself to a web designer.

11.21.10 • When Bad Websites Happen to Good People gets a nice nod in SpaceRace's Raves of the Week column.

10.26.10 • Watch out for "walled gardens" when sharing resources online. Find out more in October's ZooNews.

10.21.10 • We've updated our portfolio gallery to use the Gallerific jQuery plug-in and we've added our latest three projects.

09.28.10 • "No, thanks!" Watching out for domain-registration "gotchas" in this month's ZooNews.

09.17.10 • The Witty Office is now live! Featuring the services of Montreal office organizer Catherine Desjeunes, with original illustrations created by Catherine herself.

09.17.10 • I'm pleased to announce the launch of the new Simmons Mattress Gallery website. This site was rethought, redesigned, and rebuilt from the ground up.

09.15.10 • Michael Bungay Stanier's Great Work Interviews now have their own home. Check out over 100 inspiring interviews with leaders & thinkers about how they find, start, and sustain their Great Work.

08.31.10 • The introductory WordPress presentation Shannon Smith and I gave at WordCamp Montreal is up on Slideshare.

08.17.10 • Learn how to break the broken-link cycle and get help untangling categories and tags in August's ZooNews.

07.20.10 • I'll be presenting A Beginner's Guide to WordPress with Shannon Smith at WordCamp Montreal - August 28-29. Register now!

07.20.10 • Our new site Coaching for Great Work has launched. Explore this practical international coaching program for managers and leaders.

05.25.10 • To use a CMS or not to use a CMS... that is the question this month's ZooNews ponders.

04.27.10 • We look at the challenge of changing with the times in the April edition of ZooNews.

04.25.10 • Check out the new page devoted to our professional-speaking services.

04.08.10 • The Box of Crayons Shop is now live. Explore products from Michael Bungay Stanier to help you do more great work.

03.23.10 • Read a tale of email woe and discover the benefits of whitelists and blacklists in the March edition of ZooNews.

02.23.10 • February's ZooNews casts an eye at claiming usernames and breadcrumb trail-navigation.

02.02.10 • Our site for Michael Bungay Stanier's Do More Great Work has launched.

01.26.10 • The 50th birthday edition of ZooNews looks at whether some new-fangled tech terms could stand to be banished.

01.23.10 • We're thrilled to announce the launch of the companion site for the upcoming book, Lonely: A Memoir, by Emily White.